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We can't escape it because its in the name: Master Muffler is Salt Lake City's exhaust expert. We can tackle nearly any task when it comes to your vehicle, but mufflers and exhaust systems are our specialty. We do inspections, repairs, replacements, and aftermarket upgrades! If you're looking for any muffler work, why not come see a specialist?

Muffler & Exhaust Issues

If you suspect any issues with your muffler or exhaust system, it is critical that you have it inspected right away. Even if it seems like you vehicle is performing like it should. The symptoms and side-effects of a malfunctioning system can often start off very subtly, but can end up costing a lot of money over time. Malfunctioning exhausts mean that your vehicle is not performing at peak efficiency, often resulting in a loss of power and excess fuel costs.

However, money issues aren't the only problems with exhaust issues. Gas leaks can result in exposing the interior of your vehicle to dangerous gases. If you here any knocking noises or smell strange odors, no matter how faint, contact Master Muffler right away. Well be able to diagnose and repair your vehicle, keeping you financially and physically safe!

Performance Exhaust

muffler exhaust graphicExhaust systems help regulate the flow of air throughout your engine. Performance exhausts move more air, which reduces the pressure in your engine from waste gases produced during the combustion process. Changing air flow may not seem like much, but performance systems increase power, fuel efficiency, and acceleration. They also hold influence over the sound of your vehicle, which enables you to have a quieter (or louder) ride.


Salt Lake Exhaust

Whether your vehicle has been losing power or its making strange noises and emitting odd odors: come in to Salt Lake City Mast Muffler. We'll be able to take care of your vehicle no matter what the issue is. If you're looking for an awesome upgrade, we'll take care of that as well, installation and configuration. Come find out why our name says it all!

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