Is Your Tire Repairable? Plugs, Patches, and Replacements

If you have a flat tire, the first thing you need to do is figure out if it is repairable. There are three main ways to repair a tire: plugs, patches, and replacements. Each method has its own set of pros and cons, so it is important to understand them before making a decision. If you are not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, don't worry! You can always take your car to a mechanic [...]

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Tire Care Tips for Your Car

Your tires are ultimately what make it possible for your car to travel hundreds and thousands of miles down roads, streets, and highways, so they’re a pretty important part of your car to practice proper maintenance. Here is a look at what you need to know about keeping your car’s tires in tip-top shape. Tread Tire tread provides traction and allows for rainwater to be expelled from beneath the tire to prevent hydroplaning. Tires [...]

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Better Understanding Your Tires

The tire. The best thing after the wheel and sliced bread. We have them on every car in America and forget that a lot goes into these marvelous rubber inventions. Whether you’re an ice road trucker whose tires need to have maximum grip with chains on them, a casual commuter, a racecar driver, or even if you’re just trailing a tire down the road with a stick because you’re bored, tires are essential and [...]

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What Is the Point of Tire Rotations?

When you take your car in for a tire rotation, each tire and wheel is removed from the axel and set to be at the same position. For some tires, it may be necessary to weight them to maintain alignment. During this trip, you will also have your air pressure checked. Tire rotations ensure that the front and rear axles of your vehicle are aligned with all 4 tires on your vehicle, so that [...]

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