Safety and Emissions

Safe Winter Braking

Icy and snowy conditions can cause havoc on the roads. Whenever you are driving in extreme winter conditions it is good to know how to handle your brakes so that you can come to complete and safe stops no matter what obstacles the weather or road may throw your way.

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Emissions and Safety Inspection

Every country has their own rules regarding the regular inspection of safety and emissions in vehicles. Some take it more seriously than others, depending on population size, number of cars, and the amount of air pollution in each country. The emissions are the amount of pollutants that leave the exhaust. This is the waste created by the burning of the fuel in the engine. In a brand new car, the exhaust is usually minimal. [...]

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The Importance of Exhaust Systems

You want to make sure your vehicle passes emissions or you won’t be able to register it. In the state of Utah auto repair is needed if you don’t pass emissions. Utah auto repair is fairly easy to find if you do your research. Look online for Utah auto repair shops that can get the job done.

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