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Catalytic converters serve two main functions: they reduce the toxicity of exhaust gas and increase vehicle efficiency. That means that if there are issues with your catalytic converter, it could be over-polluting or wasting fuel, or both! Master Muffler Salt Lake can quickly inspect your vehicle for catalytic converter issues and let you know your options to get the problem taken care of promptly. Let’s be green and save some green!

!Check Engine! Light

There are many sensors involved with your exhaust system and catalytic converter, so often times any issues with these systems will trigger your check engine light. It is particularly important to have your car inspected for any catalytic converter issues because the loss of power and fuel efficiency are often hard to notice. However, over time, these issues can end up costing a lot of money in wasted fuel costs. Don’t waste money paying for something that can easily be avoided!

Keep your exhaust clean

A high-flowing catalytic converter can increase the overall performance of your vehicle.

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How do Catalytic Converters Work?

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A catalytic converter reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides that your car emits. These chemicals are created as part of the engine’s combustion process and can be very dangerous to humans and the environment.

Catalytic converters use a catalyst to initiate a chemical reaction that turn these harmful chemicals into harmless ones. The catalyst is a ceramic structure that is coated with platinum, rhodium, or palladium. As the exhaust gases flow into this structure, the metal reacts with the chemicals, creating the less toxic wastes of carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen, which are expelled out of the car.

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