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Many folks have an irrational fear of talking to mechanics. To lots of people, the language of a mechanic sounds foreign. However, at Master Muffler we believe in complete transparency. Please use the links above to learn more about how your vehicle functions and what repairs are needed to keep it running.

What Master Muffler Is All About

Master Muffler is a lot more than just a muffler shop, even though that is our roots. We provide a high-quality option for many auto repair services. As cars evolved, so did we to become a comprehensive auto repair shop that keeps the people of Salt Lake City on the road. Because of this flexibility, it is important to us that we can repair a wide array of different vehicles, including from American companies like Chrysler, Ford, and Chevy, as well as for Asian & European companies like Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, & Subaru (among many, many others). Basically, if you’re driving it out on the road, our skilled mechanics can almost definitely fix it.

Master Muffler Downtown uses state of the art equipment to service vehicles. This starts with up-to-date diagnostics scanners that can scan a vehicle’s internal computer to discover advanced issues that may be occurring. This helps provide timely service for vehicles in our care. However, we can’t just depend on computers for our services. Our skilled mechanics can still diagnose most engine issues the old fashioned way, whether this is through a tune-up or scheduled maintenance on components of your vehicle.

To learn more about what our real philosophy is at Master Muffler Downtown, please watch the video above. We believe it does a good job of showing what we’re about. To us, being a fixture in the community is the ultimate goal. We don’t want to be just another mechanic. We understand the importance that a person’s vehicle has in their life. We take great pride in being able to maintain the freedom of transportation for people in our community.

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